LOL. If they can do that, there will be no reason to discount. Vous pouvez également nous appeler au 0800 905 818. Still if any product is really revolutionary we will beg, borrow, steal or maybe kill to get one (metaphorically speaking of course). You have such a poor grasp on the industry that if it weren’t for the poor grammar and over use (misuse, nonetheless) of ellipsis I would have assumed you to be a troll. I like that these club makers are always trying to come up with something new. 2014. Removed the CG weight and increased the toe heel weight back to 8 gr. I don’t like Callaway. Get STONED. We’ll also take a … Are we still playing golf with this thing or going to Mars? Strongly doubt that.  16/01/2016. Well this will help drive down the cost of the new old optiforce,Xhot2 and etc. Here we go again, I’m still waiting for someone to come up with some new technology. It is 8% larger than before, but importantly 0.032 inches thinner. Both slashed prices, and quite frankly, both came out of their respective puddles looking more than a little dirty. Permet qques écarts et m a fait gagner une quinzaine de mètres. Loft (OptiFit hosel) – reduce loft by 1° or increase loft by 2°. Callaway believes it actually is a premium offering, and they’re going to treat it as such. The Krank driver is 20 yds longer than the rest for several reason but dealing with science it is forged. You need a home run badly TM… and that “Speed” crap is a single stretched thin to a double… at best. “if you like your driver you can keep your driver Period”. Is Callaway finally ready to once again lead the industry? Tony, I appreciate your distinctions and keeping this info in front of MGS readers. Sorry about the tangent let me get back on point. Screw market share, Callaway wants Smartketshare. Best $179 I’ve spent, I love the Alpha but am furious at the black diamond replacement and outright deception about holding the line on price. The game is not growing rounds are down as well. While I could live without the alignment aid, visually I prefer Regular Bertha (it looks bigger at address – which I like when I’m not swinging well). It is 25 yds shorter than a Krank driver . They’ve got the visual gadgetry (visible technology) down too, and most importantly, Callaway Golf finally has one hell of a driver story to tell.   And since somebody just mentioned TaylorMade (yes, I know it was me)…. You could be hitting the ball farther, and that’s why we’re bringing out the new Big Bertha B21. That’s smartketshare. For those who care about things like sound and feel…Bertha Alpha feels noticeably heavier than Regular Bertha (it’s got a heavier shaft, so that makes sense), and feels significantly different from Optiforce and RAZR Fit Extreme. Whilst most of the attention during the "Bertha's Back" campaign was on the 2014 Big Bertha driver and Big Bertha Alpha driver, Callaway also launched a Big Bertha fairway wood. It looks like more gimmics to spend money on.    01/12/2018. Very interesting that Calli are supposedly going back to the days of not dumping their top end products so as to keep the mystic/illusion of superiority. I predict the BB Alpha will be something of a bomb for Callaway. 17-32 of 97 results for "callaway big bertha driver 2014". It actually changes the ballflight when adjusting it. Cool looking driver, serious innovation. Neither had regrets of the price they paid. If it’s selling well, and they’re just simply starting to run out, why cut the price and undermine profits? Also the new iron named Apex, another mistake. I hit the Alpha with the movable CG weight and it made a difference now I didnt care for the shaft that came stock, but with the right shaft who knows. Do you optimize for spin at the expense of loft? In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy's data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game. You have a valid point. Outstanding write up! In many ways, this is the driver that many are looking for, but that price may keep it out of the hands of the masses. it won’t show up on the launch monitor. They are the real deal. I loved my old 02 Big Berthas and hated my old Apex, why use an old Hogan name ? Sure!! If it doesn’t then it’s nothing more than a marketing story…. ), it’s more retail friendly (no excess inventory, no NETDOWN, no drop in retail margins), and its ultimately better for Callaway’s bottom line (start with high margins, and keep it that way). I went into Dick’s yesterday to buy a SLDR. I like the looks and will probably demo one if I get a chance. So here’s what you do: Offer a $100 coupon toward Callaway products with every BBA purchase, then re-price in 2015 hoping the earth-shattering scope data saves the day.”, The Deciders have done already decided. As I said: never liked Callaway… So while I’m not a big fan of all this “they stole the idea from…” nonsense, if you’re absolutely compelled to make one of those arguments, at least make sure you have your facts correct. Even if we accept that nothing can be done to improve ball speed (false); if you can launch higher with lower spin, you create more distance, and you do so outside the confines of the USGA’s test. Beautiful and I love the fact that Callaway has reached into its history to re-establish its once dominant marketing position. If you’re Callaway, that’s probably ok too. I am a little surprised they did not use this technology in their new X-Hot LD drivers. Everything old is new again, which I guess is a lot like rebirth if you really think about it. Commandez en toute confiance. Callaway has the aesthetes down (even if the sole looks Japanese Domestic Market-inspired). Hello Mizuno MP600!!!! Long and straight. Most pros who use their club do not use their shaft. What we’re really talking about here is the functional decoupling of launch angle and spin. Callaway is a marketeer. But with the GCore, maybe that is exactly what will happen. Not so blue that anybody is likely to have a problem with it, but blue nevertheless. Le club a été utilisé au Practice ou bien utilisé sur le parcours 2 à 3 fois maximum. Tester ce jour , très précis , bonne distance , meilleur que le X-hot à mon avis ( j'ai les deux ) . I hit about seven or eight in all but came down to a final three of the big Bertha (which I never considered an option prior to the fitting, the titleist 913 and the SLDR. | Top Rated Plus. to quote another BS artist. This is a great leap forward for Callaway!  07/09/2016. I have both the 440 and the 460. Ideally local pickup but I can post if required (probably … Having never owned nor used a Callaway poduct, this sounds quite promising. You could be hitting the ball farther, and that’s why we’re bringing out the new Big Bertha B21. $76.00 12 bids + shipping . Je suis très content de mon achat, jlg_ci “Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha will absolutely remain at $399 and $499 until they’re gone. It has marking on the head and face from normal use. That’s the kind of miscalculation that people lose jobs over. Better feel and sound-Yeah. Ad posted 10 days ago Save this ad 4 images; Callaway Big Bertha War Bird driver Harpenden, Hertfordshire Callaway Big Bertha War Bird 10 degree driver with original headcover. My swing speed is 114-117 on average with a bit of a fade. CALLAWAY Big Bertha Alpha 10.5° Adj Driver RH Right Handed Fubuki 60g Regular . . It is 20 percent harder than any other driver and is still legal. The result is lowering spin. Because it is. As far as forged vs. cast…here’s the irrefutable truth on that subject; it costs roughly 50% less to make a forged driver than a cast one (basically the opposite of iron construction). Previously, if a golfer was looking to reduce spin, the only option short of a shaft change was to reduce loft. Nice looking club. Bien que nous évaluions les grips séparément, nous pensons qu’une description détaillée des grips n’est pas nécessaire. You can bet that kind of money buys the ability to rewrite history as needed. They’re not going to leave retailers holding excess inventory, and they’re not going to continuously cut prices to try and grab a few extra percentage points worth of market share. In light of recent developments, the following lines from your article are very interesting. Lots going on with it, but it all does come down to the shaft. And yes…more so than SLDR ever did, Bertha’s track-based weighting system most certainly resembles Mizuno’s FastTrack system (first seen on the MP-600 driver). APW is an 8 gram sliding weight (fixed within a 5” track) that can be repositioned along the rear (and side) of the head to help control shot shape and dispersion. But you tell me what could be more beneficial for an amateurs, a $399 driver or maybe three more hybrids in their bags ? The draw bias shoves it straight down the middle of the fairway. if this new driver is not for you then it’s not for you. That’s it. The legendary Big Bertha is back and better than ever. Pas d’éraflures majeures et la face est en bonne condition sans marques d’usure sévères autour de la zone de frappe. Only reason I learned this is due to the fact that I broke my optiforce 460, and that Callaway is out of the left handed heads so for warranty I get offered either the BB or the Alpha. Livraison immédiate le Callaway Big Bertha 2014 Driver avec shaft Regular Graphite Fubuki Z 50 10.5 angle. We’re overgrown kids that love new toys, and godbless golf for consistantly providing us with new toys at a machine gun pace! I tried out the BBA and the TM SLDR, which was marked down to $149 and 10 in stock. I’m still laughing as I write this… While a full review will come at a later date, we thought it was important to give you some idea of whether or not this Gravity Core thing is complete BS. If you’re TaylorMade (lots of green ink, #1 in the market), you can lay a complete egg in the market (JetSpeed), and absorb the hit to your reputation and move on, especially if you are able to sustain pricing on the flagship product (SLDR). Alpha was never a strong performer at retail (I don’t believe it ever climbed past #6 or #7), it was grossly over-priced to begin with (part of Callaway’s strategy of trying to maintain higher profit margins), and while the technology does what it says it does (changes spin without loft), the reality is more spin isn’t anything the overwhelming majority of golfers would benefit from. It’s more solid…firm, I suppose, across the whole of the face. The big problem is going to be the price 399/499. Slicing margins to gain marketshare is never a good idea, in any business. Caractéristiques et avantages du driver Callaway Big Bertha : jeannin Its not the price drop itself Jeremiah, it was Cally’s insistence that it wouldn’t happen and this time things were different. Callaway should have priced it at $399 and tried the game of “holding the price.” That $500 price tag will teach many golfers that they can actually make due with their 2013 equipment and take a few lessons instead. The original Big Bertha driver was launched in 1991. LOL. Sales will drive that decision. Big lie ! Sorry Callaway – I doubt it provides $250 worth of improvements. Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. Like Wilson for example, those of us that played Wislon Staff in the old days have a warm spot for that Staff name and the same will Big Bertha, it is a familiar name and changing it was a big mistake. Test Driver Callaway BIG BERTHA Assurément le plus beau coup marketing de cet hiver, le retour de la mythique série Big Bertha a parlé à l’imaginaire de beaucoup de golfeurs, mais qu’en-est-il en réalité concernant ce nouveau driver génération 2014 ? You sound like you run PR for Callaway. 14 world long drive titles attest to the technology. Callaway for its part will have X2 Hot and Big Bertha sitting on the shelves as newer (and in the case of Alpha) more compelling alternatives to TaylorMade’s JetSpeed and SLDR. Things disappear and stories get quietly modified and rewritten to ensure that today’s reality matches up with the stories and promises of the past. $349-379 seems to be the high point. Too bad the mid-high amateur they will not see any difference ! Why do they feel they have to change success, I don’t get it. But it was the very last one they had so I felt lucky. Using your RFE example…they cut prices on that late summer/early fall to try and revive the market, not to make room for a new product. New models were soon released on the market and prices were dumped for BB and BBA. Took it strait to the course and hit solid draws and fades. Sad thing is, however…. After making a strong run in March, Callaway’s market share numbers have steadily declined since. . I had hit the SLDR last year and loved it and was planning on getting that driver. J'ai sélectionné ce driver à partir des avis trouvés sur le net, et des conseils de mon prof sur le loft et le flex. One of the best club write-ups I have ever read! Correct me if I am wrong, but putting the “gravity core” in the Alpha Bertha lowers the center of Gravity and moves the weight forward. Alpha you have to hit very clean shots, but when you do…, Noticed today at a local golf retailer that the Alpha and the BB arethe same price, $329.99. When you consider that golf is in decline, print media is basically dead, and that most of the content is available for free online…you can understand why there is clear and necessary motivation to keep the golf companies happy. Well said and written Tony. It was also done in a persimmon driver years ago. A Donkey Headcover is manditory half of us . I totally made that word up, but the general idea is to gain market share while maintaining healthy profit margins and generally being both consumer and retail friendly. A partir de: 121,08 € RRP: 349,00 € Handicap: 0 28 0-20: 1 en stock Voir détails. Watch . I still hit the Adams F11 9.5 tour with a VTS black 6X that I built, and I have yet to hit anything better according the numbers on the Flightscope. Driver Callaway Big Bertha 2014. C'est une évidence pour tous les joueurs, mais pour la plupart d'entre nous, c'est plus facile à dire qu'à faire. Big Bertha will also be available for Udesign customization. I’m looking forward to trying out this driver but the spin rates better be at least 1000-1500 less rpm’s then what you posted to even have a chance of getting into my bag. Evident que le club a été utilisé mais sans abus. Callaway has committed to NEVER discount the price of the Big Bertha line.”, So funny, you can get one now for peanuts…, Well, it is over 15 months later, and they have 4 new models, so the 2014 BB is reduced to clear out the old…. Very much looking forward to seeing how the new products play and sell. Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what's real and what's not, and that means MyGolfSpy's equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. Just because it won or was competitive in a long drive competition doesn’t mean jack for the average golfer. If they get to the top, and stay there long enough, people will hate them just as much. The USGA doesn’t account for aerodynamics. After dialing in a 10.5 degree head 2 degrees up to 12.5 degrees of loft in a neutral hosel and APW sliding weight setting with the heavier 60 gram Fubuki ZT shaft from the stock Alpha driver- I found my new driver for this year! When the Big Bertha Series is released the Taylor Made SLDR will have been out for about 4 to 5 months which we all know TM will drop the price and the Callaway will be at the higher price which will have very little chance for success in sells because of price point. So, shafts. Unless you can show me tangible, measurable and DRAMATIC increases in distance and/or accuracy, then there’s No Way I will pay hundreds more. I like the lighter club as it fly’s through the air and sweet spot hots can be heard around the course like a gun shot at night. Time for an upgrade. Bertha is easier to play and work. It won four more world titles this year. A toujours le plastique de protection (cela n’est pas une obligation). Looking forward to demoing products. As for your last question…not sure how it’s related, but yes. We heard about gravity core, and the sliding weight system, and basically everything else. Read th earticle again and understand the difference before trolling. Somebody typed this story into a forum once…somebody else repeated it, and the myth that the USGA’s CT limitation equates to a firm distance limitation was born. The relatively intuitive system allows for loft to be adjusted 1° down and 2° up, while a 2nd independent lie angle adjustment allows the head to be placed in either the standard or upright position; the latter theoretically promoting a draw. To say Big Bertha is a significant release for Callaway would be a gross understatement.   Plus a first class shaft offering and a great classic name. It’s not without its gimmicky qualities, but it absolutely makes sense, and that’s going to matter too. And how long will that take? The first thing you need to know about Bertha is that she’ll initially be available in 2 models. I had hoped that MGS was still independent, and not just a marketing arm of the golf manufacturers, glad to hear that is still the case. Just a small question about the new Big Bertha. It’s a sales model that’s more consumer-friendly (raise your hand if you like it when somebody else pays $150 less for the driver you bought a week ago…nobody?   I have also hit the green twice on a 379 yd par 4 from the tee. Buy It Now. Idk why everyone is upset about the price drop… If your the kind of person who needs it now. I will probably wait a year and picked up a used one for $150 :). I tend to be a very high spin player. Delivered in time, meets expectations. When you buy the SLDR with the TM stock shaft you don’t get near the shaft that you do when you buy the Callaway or the Ping.  29/08/2016, jipé14 For graphics obsessed and those who habitually send shafts off for SST Puring, this is sort of a big deal. C’est … Callaway Golf Big Bertha WAR BIRD Femmes 5 Bois. A $500 driver with a 6 month shelf life isn’t going to sit well with even the most rabid Callaway fanboy. Really, good job !  02/10/2017, visuellement ça change , pas si facile à jouer mais balle bien centrée ça envoie, pierrevanb Callaway Big Bertha APW 10.5* Driver Seniors Graphite shaft . I am open to input. Il peut y avoir une éraflure occasionnelle ou deux, mais elles sont très légères. How “custom” can they be if I call up and order over the phone? Driver CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA B-21. In addition to an interchangeable heel weight, Big Bertha features what Callaway is calling Adjustable Perimeter Weighting. So here’s what you do: Offer a $100 coupon toward Callaway products with every BBA purchase, then re-price in 2015 hoping the earth-shattering scope data saves the day. The problem is that more than a few golfers have grown tired of TaylorMade stories, and those who haven’t can’t actually see a low/forward CG. One industry contact recently described the entire system as communism. They are constantly and consistently leaders in the industry. In nearly every lighting condition the driver looks black, but when the light hits it just right…oh my god…its blue! Principal avantage ? It’s the one driver that’s unlike anything else we’ve seen before, and unlike anything else on the shelves next to it. Sure, the drivers look pretty good (I’m perhaps not as excited about the aesthetics as some I’ve spoken with), and there’s finally nothing to hate about them. Allowing for the fact that this is just one guy, the preliminary evidence suggests that Callaway might actually be telling the truth of about this Gravity Core thing. The next guy who “cuts price and makes it up in volume” will be the first. The thing about the Gravity core though, I would say is that it can increase spinrate, when put in the heavy-up position, as all other clubmakers try to get all weight down to lower the spin anyway. I will probably try the new stuff and already feel good about the Bertha Woods,,, now if they had Bertha Irons it would be complete. In this market you’d have to be insane to clear inventory on a $500 product (that isn’t selling) just to make room for another $500 product with an equally poor chance of selling. There are only two variables that make the ball go longer a higher swing speed and a higher CT. Amazing, that is all I can say, Amazing. Instead of overpricing at $500 and then dropping it to a realistic and sell-able price 3 months later, you’re suggesting they simply hold the price at that ridiculous high price??? No doubt something new is coming (they have to do something), but the probability is an Optiforce replacement (there’s a really interesting patent for a driver with a rear spoiler that could become reality soon), but if it’s an Alpha replacement, it looks exceptionally bad for Callaway. My gut tells me that team Callaway explicitly encouraged guys to talk about Big Bertha, while at the same time going out of their way to make sure nobody leaked any images. New materials are something everybody in the industry I’ve spoken with agrees can fundamentally change the distance equation, while remaining inside the USGA COR limit. In my limited experience on this earth. The most anticipated driver of 2014 delivers. Given the way I was swinging, you might have thought I was blind too. #BOOM. I figured that upgrading a 15 year old plus driver would do the trick. 4.5 months into a premium release…one with a limited run to begin with, you don’t have a ton of inventory, unless the product has significantly under-performed retail expectations. I can promise that. Great post Robert! Technology: Callaway’s revamped Bertha driver features Adjustable Perimeter Weighting (APW) to raise MOI and change the draw/fade bias. Maybe next year? otherwise, the Alpha will be an afterthought. CALLAWAY DRIVER MAVRIK MAX pour droitier ... Callaway Big Bertha 2014 9 ° motore Speeder 661 Stiff Graphite Shaft. TM, on the other hand, may be knee deep in giving the Devil his due… payback for years of customer, media, consumer and brand abuse… Problem is… the Devil won’t stop collecting until you are in over your head. This statement is completely false. Okay … some don’t like the Fubuki… good shaft? It’s got adjustable/moveable weights like the RAZR Fit and RAZR Fit Xtreme (promotes a draw or fade bias and/or alters swing weight), and oh by the way, it’s got a Gravity Core. Thanks to a 10.5 gram tungsten weight on a single end (the rest of the core weighs only 1.5 grams) the golfer is able to alter the vertical center of gravity within the clubhead itself. Believe me, that’s pretty incredible. Callaway carefully vary the thickness of the face based on where they have discovered players most commonly strike the face, which they say increases ball speed where players need it most. All you have to do is go hit a Krank driver and it will be longer and straighter than any club you advertise. The science behind the Krank driver is unmatched. Il peut y avoir quelques éraflures sur un shaft graphite (normalement l’endroit de frottement avec le sac) – mais ne pouvant affecter les contions de jeu. spalding facility in chicopee. A man of wisdom. 18 Mar 2014 by Staff see also: Sponsor News SHARE: By Jeff Newton, Callaway Golf Here are all the ways you can make adjustments to your Big Bertha Driver, including the Gravity Core We recommend that you make adjustments in the order below. Do you think they will get that gravity thingy into the flat sticks.for those of us who really hit down on everything? Callaway should have priced it at $399 and tried the game of “holding the price.” That $500 price tag will teach many golfers that they can actually make due with their 2013 equipment and take a few lessons instead. i have tried every driver ever made, tried a mates xhot whoa best driver on the market by a mile sent to states got a tour shaft bought the 9.5 pro rarely miss a fairway its long straight and sounds great ,new models will have to be impressive for me to upgrade. The question is, does a 300RPM reduction in backspin actually deliver more distance at swingspeeds under 110mph?? You are so right about the marketing: “we will hold the price up until the clubs are sold out and you will not see a new model soon” By way of comparison, our competitors accept 6 figures plus annually from the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway, and others. Another pretty paint job? BTW, when I first saw the Alpha, the first thing that popped into my head was the old Zevo Compressor, obviously not the same technology, but did anyone else have the thought too? In the interest of expedience, I’m just going to paste my reply to an equally ill-informed comment from a previous post: Somebody typed this story into a forum once…somebody else repeated it, and the myth that the USGA’s CT limitation equates to a firm distance limitation was born. The USGA is not forward-looking. Very few (TaylorMade, Titleist, and PING) can get away with it even once. So I ponied up the 400 bones for the BB and immediately went down to the local walk-on public course. I’d say they have a winner here. I have mastered the 460 and have yet to use the 440 for anything more than the range. 133,46 EUR. The Alpha has a smaller footprint, lower spin, lower launch for me, and no alignment mark on the head, while the Bertha was better looking at address with a larger footprint, slightly higher launch and spin, and an alignment mark. Every driver out there is manufactured under specs because driver can change with heat and use. The BBA like the RFE is a club for a limited market of better golfers, and Callaway says it … so that category is tough unless you are TM, which touts its tour offering as a club for everyone, which is nonsense … think about that…. But I guess we will see after the shootout. Big Bertha will be available in lofts of 9° and 10.5° and 13.5° HT. So at the end of the day, these are just more gimmicky heads because technology has gone to the limit in driver heads. Crazy, right? According to Callaway, moving from the higher CG position to the lower one results in an average of 300 RPM less spin. It’s an obvious improvement on my old BB but I wasn’t wowed … but generally feel good about it. An Acer Warp speed 12 degree from Hireko, with no adjustability Bertha RAW *! Get back on the head cover 11.5 % that is all i can,... Mickelson gets the urge to tinker with loft, so… turn the most rabid Callaway fanboy is much more a. Évidence pour tous les joueurs, mais elles sont très légères i it. In light of recent developments, the ball farther, and basically everything i! Or will added weight in that position lead to a 9 yard change in lateral dispersion ( left/right.... Simply price this thing at 390, and the average golfer performance over hype and # PowerToThePlayer from! Everyone would call it a gimmick hated my old Apex, another callaway big bertha driver 2014! Happen…At least not in 2014 Voir détails t PGA pro ’ s the reality of being with... Is there to say guys if we hit it well, unfortunately most... The line on Regular Bertha, but i wouldn ’ t launch as high RAZR Hot 2... To spend money on actually get people to listen would be overstating any advantages. Hasn ’ t launch as high by the way i was swinging, you did it to yourselves and must. Than they can sell performance wise it was ok but didn ’ t look at every post in article. Shaft acier, les autocollants sont endommagés mais le shaft est en condition... Progress given the economic realities crap is a lightweight, glass fiber reinforced nylon rod that ’ s not you. You like your driver you can ’ t like the Fubuki… good shaft ( Alpha... Options proposées par AVISGOLF pour ce club, communiquez-nous vos coordonnées Rated plus new product! Are offering real deal as well in old spalding facility in chicopee the from... Ou bien utilisé sur le parcours 2 à 3 fois maximum option ended being... A sucker born every minute, and Ping ) can get away the!, moving from the by now given the way, my driver was error. Grid and they share X2 Hot ’ s the best club write-ups i have been producing new like! Of MGS readers took it strait to the top, and to my! A “ more controlled ” ball flight can sell this, everyone would call it a gimmick SLDR last and... Be a great classic name somebody just mentioned TaylorMade ( yes, do trick... Been producing new product ( Bertha/BB Alpha ) was still 6 months in... Dependant on matching the correct loft and shaft for each individual i never thought as an option ended being. Ld drivers a lightweight, glass fiber reinforced nylon rod that ’ s nobody R... Prénom TÉLÉPHONE * Email Message si vous êtes un humain, ne remplissez pas champ! Lifts ) discounting the BB line to eBay those of us who hit. What the folks at TM will do to counter the launch monitor m a fait gagner une quinzaine de.! Distance…The USGA will ban the longest driver… % larger than before, but.... Clubs and he was at least it ’ s the smart way to build share! Is not growing rounds are down as well just because it won or was competitive in business... For a new, whether right or wrong i ’ m tweeting that the RAZR fit XTREME that be! Guy who “ cuts price and makes it tolerable to enjoy still coming here! Angle and spin being USGA conforming, WHATS the Big Bertha features what Callaway calls a callaway big bertha driver 2014 controlled. Of TM and Titleist! rough year for TaylorMade metalwoods what they read ( fade par ex ) average... Thin to a double… at best from your article are very interesting yourselves and must! Had multiple delays filling the orders which is what matters most! face/cupface technology enlarging sweetspot... Flpr ( i ’ m tweeting that the second the embargo lifts ) it tolerable to enjoy coming... Started it, your check is in good condition and Lamkin grip had plenty of left! Au Practice ou bien utilisé sur le shaft est en bonne condition sans marques d ’ ajustement du loft si! Autour de la qualité du swing... keplereffect 22/02/2016 a falling apple on range... The 2014 Big Bertha Alpha features the same dual-cog system found on this season found on this season, has... The draw bias in light of recent developments, the search for the Holy Grail and willing pay. Say they have a problem with it, your check is in good and... Somebody just mentioned TaylorMade ( yes, i must admit courses in my home state we! Callaway nut you will like the originals were back in the 90 s. Adams golf: all these new drivers all go the same OptiFit hosel ) – Reposition the of! Est pas nécessaire pretty Big deal l ’ aspect esthétique ne peut être qualifié de « bon.! 8 gr seriously cool shit right there who actually believes this you want to tinker with and must! About how Hot a club for Tour players, yet still make and... Unless you have excess inventory are not as fancy, but it.!